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Posted on: 10/03/2022

Ezekiel Ewulo

We were delighted to welcome British and Nigerian long jump champion, Ezekiel Ewulo, to The Vale this week to talk about his career and inspire our children.  

Ezekiel told the children about his training schedule – two 3-hour sessions per day – and the food he eats to enable him to do this. He eats lots of protein for muscle strength, carbohydrates for energy and only drinks water for hydration and concentration. He also shared that he is partial to a chocolate chip cookie!  

The excitement in the hall was palpable as Ezekiel showed the children how far he could jump – his best jump ever was an incredible 7m 90cm! Grace, Annabella, Peter, Ashton and Archie gave a demonstration of how far they could jump from a standing position and after lots of encouragement Miss Mack, Miss Clarke and Coach Joe demonstrated their standing jumps to a rapturous round of applause. Well done everyone! 

The children asked Ezekiel some interesting and thought-provoking questions, such as, “How old were you when you started?” He was 15, and “How many countries have you competed in?” The answer was a staggering 20 in total! His favourite question was, “Can you jump to Mars?” and his answer was, “I’m working on it!” 

Harley Allison in year 3 said his favourite part of the day was seeing how far Ezekiel could jump. 

Following his talk Ezekiel ran group circuit sessions for all the children that involved running, push-ups and star jumps. The children had great fun and were exhausted by the end of it! 

Thank you to all our wonderful families for your donations of which 40% goes to Sports for Champions UK to support professional athletes and 60% goes to The Vale to buy playground equipment so our children can enjoy exercising outside. 



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